Thursday, March 30, 2006

closing the door

According to the Indianapolis Star, the James Dean museum in Gas City, Indiana, is closing down for good.

I am a museum geek. In my mind, NYC exists for its museums and its theater. One of the great joys of living in DC is its museums, particularly the art museums. I wish that I could say that I am discriminatory in my museum attendance, and I am mostly, but I've been to the Tupperware Museum of Historical Containers in Kissimmee, Florida -- alas, it's been shut down, too -- and I've been to the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. In fact, while in Vegas, I didn't go to any of the cultural venues on the Strip, the Guggenheim galleries or Steve Wynn's masters collection, in part because I could not make the leap between the odd place I was at and serious art. My imagination, I suppose, was stretched as far as it could.

I never made it to the James Dean museum, so I can not report on its contents. But it doesn't matter. They told a story, probably.

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