Sunday, April 02, 2006

garden work

In between spring showers today, I've been out in the garden, cutting back all dried perennial stalks left sticking up, some pruning of roses (mostly cutting back dead limbs and branches), a little pruning of other shrubs that won't be blooming anytime soon, lavendar, sage, and thyme -- the woody residue from last year isn't necessary.

And then I put organic food for the flowers out around the roses.

And then it rained again.


Lyco said...

Be happy for the rain. DC hasn't seen any serious rain in sometime now, and my little lettuces are getting whiny.

Rob+ said...

How'd you fare through the big storms?

Don said...

It was scary, but I think we came through unscathed (I haven't inspected the neighborhood for damage). I saw some major destruction of trees in a couple of places while driving to work. It was a pretty scary storm, and I am not sure all the new media coverage makes it easier to keep one's cool during such an event.