Monday, April 03, 2006

stormy hoosier weather

Friday night, I co-hosted an event at work. All day, we had a big blue sky. But then a dark purple sky with hard wind storm passed through at exactly the moment guests were arriving. Within 30 minutes, the evening sky was placid, and we could see the sun setting through the windows.

Last night, we heard there would be some storms or rain in the evening. I went to hear partner sing at the church -- he's part of a professional choir of 16 singers. They sang songs of passiontide, from Tallis, including his two Lamentations and English anthems, and then music by Hoiby, Taverner, Sowerby and Rorem. A perfect way to end a Sunday evening, listening to voices melded in music.

By the time we got home, the tv news was full of warning. Sirens went off in the area. Literally, all hell was breaking loose outside, or at least signs of tornadoes, rumors of tornadoes, predictions of tornadoes.

At one point, a possible twister was thought to be between a suburb and the airport. According to the weatherman's trajectory, the tornado would pass through certain Indy neighborhoods, including the townlet.

I found two cats -- the third had long hidden in the house. I searched but could not find her. And the dog. And we all huddled in a windowless space, listening to a radio full of more breathless warnings. After about 45 minutes, it passed. I wondered what the poor folk here for the Final Four basketball games were thinking. It was a dramatic evening.

Of course, Indiana changed to daylight savings this weekend, something it has resisted for over 30 years. Coincidence?

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