Sunday, April 23, 2006


I gardened, which means I weeded, raked, and weeded, cleaning out the edges of beds where grass, yard ivey and yard violets and other local weeds have crept in. My beds are now more clearly defined, and the weeding means that through the rest of the season, it will be easier to control any new weeds.

Not the most exciting work, but fulfilling nevertheless.

The hours pass, and I realize how long time has passed. Or how long the clock now indicates passing time. And I can look back and see the progress.

Many perennials are up now, particularly in the shade garden.

Today, I mowed, the first time of the season. Which means I finally figured out to clean out the air filter, something I forget until the next spring. I had used the lawnmower to mulch leaves in the fall, and the heavy leaf dust clogs the air filter sponge. Once I open it up and clean it out, then I can start the lawnmower. I got the front garden mowed. The backyard still awaits.

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