Tuesday, June 27, 2006

bee balm

My monardia (bee balm), red and pink, are now opening fully. The purple coneflower and shastas (becky are starting to open up.

Across the townlet, ditch lillies are out and open. I've only had a few day lillies open, but many are in the fixing to stage.

The white clover in my lawn is out -- a neighbor told me that 40 years ago people spread white clover seed in their lawn. I must admit, despite the current prejudices against anything but green grass, I like having these patches of white.

The astilbe is starting to fade. The heat last week pushed them through a little too fast.

It rained again last night, and Franklin and I heard a sump pump gurgle out water this morning on our round of the townlet.

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Avril said...

"Fixing to"- you can take the boy out of the South....I have learned to embrace my vernacular habits. Too much homogenization in the world today.