Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This spring, I decided to remove several re-seeding asters, both pink and purple blooming. They're invasive, need too much pinching, and the bang at the end is not worth the trouble.

I didn't remove all of them, however. And a few I moved to a spot where the invasiveness was welcome.

This morning, I noticed that the j. beetles were chomping away on stalks of some of the remaining asters. Good. Have at them.


Shelley said...

Ah, but then when the stalks are gone...they are but a nibble, a taste, an apertif for the real stuff.

I may have been terribly unobservant lately, but I just noticed that you have a new header graphic. It's nice.

Don said...

Shelley -- how I hate the j. beetles. But not enough to poison them. I like that my garden is home to bees, birds, good instects, toads and rabbits. Of course, when any of the above start eating my plants, that good-nature touchy feely goes out the window. Still, I am not moved to dump chemicals.

My laziness, or hesitance, means I am limited to picking the darn things off the plants and squishing them. Lord,I detest the j. beetles.

Thanks for stopping by. I've missed reading your writings and pictures. I bet you have taken some great walks that we're missing out on. You're the best at the blog business.