Wednesday, August 30, 2006

gardeners blogging

Kathy Purdy is a smart, kind and encouraging garden blogger. To celebrate her 4th anniversary of garden blogging, she has asked other garden bloggers who started before she did a series of questions about their blogging. You can find the responses at Cold Climate Gardening.


Carol said...

Hi, I'm looking for other garden bloggers from Indiana/Indianapolis so I can put together a list. Would you like to be included? If so, I've got a blog entry where you can leave a comment.
Do you know of other Hoosier garden bloggers?

mack said...

Can anyone tell me more about Nicholas Walker of Jardin du Jour? I heard him on the internet radio with Chef Andre of ACafe both are Kathy Ireland experts. I think she is a very smart lady and from what these guys were saying a joy to work with.
Can't find a blog on her or them