Monday, September 11, 2006


Days take on symbolic meaning,and today is one that is thick with media attention. This, of course, is arbitrary, making the 5th anniversary of anything more important than the 4th year, 364th day. It's obviously, like top lists, one of the ways we humans organize our lives.

I remind myself that the horrid scene of the towers falling only happened once -- and not repeatedly. Whether or not the media resort to showing us the scene repeatedly today, I know that towers falling once was reality, and the repeated viewing is also arbitrary, bits on tape or digital storage, responding to the "play" command in a logical and obedient sequence. I cannot respond to repeated showings, becoming numb with the impossiblity, horror and sadness shown without regard for what we are seeing or our ability to understand it.

The facts of 9/11, or the tragic event, or whatever we call it, will never make sense. Suffice it to say that evil exists, that imagination and even religious piety can be used in desparately dangerous and destructive ways, that the aftereffects continue on in dangerous and destructive ways.

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