Thursday, August 24, 2006

i can do that

I drove a 14 foot Uhaul Truck over the mountains in Pennsylvania into Manhattan. The last part of that sentence had caused me the most anxiety, but even the idea of driving a big long truck was also a bit unnerving. So we're here at last.

Partner's stuff is all mostly unloaded, things are assembled, and only a few boxes are left to unload.

Because the date we could get into his rooms kept changing, the tickets we had bought some time ago for a show happened to be on our first night here. We saw an incredible production of Sweeney Tood with Patti LaPone. It was directed by the fellow who directed the Company we saw earlier this year. All the singers played the instruments. It was an incredible production.

I am tired. Another day tomorrow of getting things in order then I hope we escape the bird cage and explore NYC.


Marshall said...

I have vivid memories of driving a motor home (37 feet) through Harlem, and a rental truck across the south side of Chicago. Congratulations and blessings.

Don said...

Father Scott -- When we lived in DC in the late 90s, we would sometimes drive up to NYC for the weekend. Turns out that driving the big Uhaul wasn't difficult at all. Lucky for us our destination was a short distance from the Lincoln Tunnel and the UHaul return place was only 3 or 4 blocks away.

I had worked up a lot of anxiety thinking about it, but it wasn't so hard. I am grateful!