Monday, January 29, 2007


Bitter, hard, humorless air has settled over Indianapolis. Yesterday, a hard, tiny snow fell all day, dusting but not covering the frozen ground. For a week, it will be this way.

Since tendering my resignation at work, I have woken up twice at about 2:30 am or so, my mind full of free-floating anxiety about finishing up everything at work and home in order to move to NYC.

So I work at talking myself down, making and annotating lists -- partner made me a detailed list of items at the house that can be done in short segments, a real gift.

And somewhere over the weekend, at a neighbor's birthday party, the abstract idea of moving seemed much more real as I told dear friends that I am leaving.

I delighted that this has happened even if it is so quick, and I am working at being more clear-eyed about what I must let go of in order to make the move.

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