Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It snowed last night about an inch at most in the townlet, enough to cover the walks and the road, yards and roofs, but not enough to line the branches of the evergreen pines, junipers and yews. More than a dusting, but not much more.

This morning, the sky was clear for an hour or so, and the morning sun bounced orange and bright upon the new snow. The winter sky has been constantly changing, and from hour to hour it shines clear blue and then becomes clogged with gray. It may snow again today.

I have a meeting this morning, and on the drive to work, I should be thinking about it, but instead I meditate on the silence of the white earth. Once outside the townlet, the streets are completely clear, covered in the white chalkiness of the molasses salt mixture used for days like this.

We all move slowly in our cars, and then once we have arrived, we hurry to get back into the calm of shelter.


lemming said...

white chalkiness of the molasses salt mixture

pure poetry, midwestern style.

DAMN but I'm going to miss you!

Don said...

I think I will still be blogging, but from a different town.