Thursday, February 01, 2007

not miami

This morning, the air felt much warmer, and when I checked the thermometer, it read 23 degrees (F). Yes, it's a little warmer. Which means that we may get snow today. The clouds are thick and gauzy, sure signs of at least a little snow.

Meanwhile, our city is flooded with reports from Miami, spotlighting its beaches and sun along with stories on the Colts. The longer I live in Indiana the more I understand the whole Florida in the winter attraction common among Hoosiers. It's paradise like attraction is similar to how I felt dreaming about Maine in the summer when I lived in Central Texas.

I heard on the radio that next week will be colder with perhaps one night at ten degrees below zero (F).

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Anonymous said...

It is snowing here too in Northwest Indiana; just a bit this morning, so little that I took time to re-shovel my walks from two days ago. Wind out of Illinois had covered the concrete again, not exactly a snowdrift, just Nature's do-over.

But the day's little flurries have kept up ever since, slowly strengthening, and by 5pm CT a dusting has re-covered my little paths. Winter has taken hold at last. I check the 5-day forecast, hoping for highs in the 30's, but finding them in the teens and lows in the minuses.

I am sorry you will be leaving Indiana, Don, but I'm glad you'll be a one-household family again. In New York you'll miss the space we have here, but there will be other compensations.

Josh Thomas
Kentland IN