Thursday, March 15, 2007

almost gone...

We had two days in a row with temps in the high 40s (F). Last night, as we walked home from a neighbor's home, gentle rain began falling. And then all night it rained, and now we are back to the 30s and 40s (F). Three weeks ago we were locked in sub-freezing temps and snow up to my waist where it was plowed out. Then dry warm temps more suitable for late spring or early summer. This morning water is standing all over the townlet, along the small ditches and on the main esplanade on the north end our loop.

Much of the earth's color is dry and brown, the leftovers from winter. The utility company's tree people have been out hacking away along the powerlines, and there are lots of dead branches spread out along side the road for later grinding and mulching. The heat (after what we've been having, 76 degrees can feel awful warm), while much appreciated, had a great oddness about it, the out-of-sync feeling of nature's forces not all matching up appropriately. Yet already, bulbs are pushing out, and buds are forming on lilacs and forsythia. Spring is coming. The promise of resurrection, new life coming out of the earth where all is dead.

Yesterday Franklin the dog got his last check-up at the vet, and grooming. He follows us from room to room. We've finished most errands, delivered most things that needed to be delivered, have packed all but a little which we finish today. I am mentally and physically tired, as is partner.

One more day and then we are on the road.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. I hope it ends up being a rewarding experience for you both.


lemming said...

Thinkin of you three on the road somewhere between here and there and will put in a good word for you with St. CHristopher and his ilk.

Carol said...

I hope you enjoyed your time as a "hoosier" and wish the best in NY.

Anonymous said...

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