Sunday, March 11, 2007

lenten work

I cannot think of a more appropriate season to move than in Lent. Partner got here at the end of last week, and we are almost to the end of our prep work for moving. We have mostly been throwing things out and sorting. The trash is ending up in bags in one bay of the garage. On Monday, the dumpster arrives, and then all this stuff that has gathered over time will be gone. There are few things we can take to New York, but we all pulling them aside. The rest will either go into storage or for the church's rummage sale (there is a space in the garage for that as well).

At times, it is has been rewarding, reviewing old files, letters, stuff gathered from Austin or DC or here. Even as we threw things away, we enjoyed the memories. Other things had been packed away and we had forgotten them or had quit seeing them. It is freeing to lighten our lives of all this stuff.

We have at least two or three days of packing ahead of us, but this has been greatly simplified by all the sorting and throwing away. And when the last box is sealed, I am hopeful that there won't be much left except an empty house in a swell neighborhood, and our memories.

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Anonymous said...

I have moved so much in my life and almost always look forward to it. As long as I remain in the South, somewhere always feels like a rooted home to me. And inevitably, I have always managed to haul so much stuff around! Ridiculous things that I thought had meaning but really were only a burden in the long haul. Yesterday, I spent hours cleaning the storage room, sorting through books (which I've always kept, no matter what.) I put aside tons of things for a yard sale that I've had for years; instead of feeling sad, I felt oddly elated to be done with them. I think it must be part of growing up and realizing the relative unimportance of things to your life. Happy New Home to you, Don. Hope to see you still here and sharing your new life with us.