Tuesday, June 12, 2007

da bomb

There have been news reports today that the U.S. Air Force laboratory in Dayton, Ohio seriously considered a proposal to create a non-lethal bomb that would make enemy soldiers homosexual, thereby creating division among the ranks and making them incapable of fighting. First proposed in 1994, the Air Force took this very seriously and may have re-looked at it a few times before rejecting the proposal.

This is another reason why gay people should be allowed to be open in the military. Think of the millions of dollars that would have been saved by a gay general telling the researchers that they are nuts.

It must have been an interesting proposal. One splash and they're singing ...

I feel pretty,
oh, so pretty.
I feel pretty and witty
and gay...

Because stuff like this is so EASY. Meanwhile, the magic wand research project continues.

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