Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I work across the street from our apartment, and my office building includes a private park, a rarity for the isle of m. It evidentally is also used for a lot of television, film and magazine shoots.

There have been a few since I started, but the big one is later this week. They're filming Revolutionary Road, based on Richard Yate's novel. It was supposed to happen earlier in the week, but a big rain storm made them cancel it.

The city has posted a sign that all cars must be moved by a certain time and date or they will be towed. Since the movie is set in the 1950s, and since our apartment is directly across from where they are filming, our air conditioners (all window units) will be removed. Such units weren't prevalent until the early to mid 60s.

So if it is hot, I will have to take Franklin the dog to work, because he cannot stay in a hot apartment.


Anonymous said...

Do they compensate you in any way for that? Why do they have the right to inconvenience you just because they are making a movie?


lemming said...

How did Franklin cope?

I read once about a London street that was supposed to be empty for a Victorian era shoot. One resident left his sportscar and went away for teh weekend. The production team covered it witha tarp, put hay and manure on top, and then shot the scence, then removed it.

Don said...

Bill -- yes

lemming -- He has coped at a lot of change throughout this move.